Christmas crafting gifts

I am aware that we’re nearly at the end of March, but life has been a bit up in the air since January so I’m letting myself off the hook.

Here are the crafty gifts I got for Christmas 2022.

There were a few from my Mum, who is excellent at finding presents. I got a couple of amigurumi sets:


A box of fruit-themed yarn and patterns to go with it:


And a few yarn-adjacent presents:

I got a yarn swift from The Fiancé, which he let me have early so I could wind all the mini skeins for my advent socks. What a game-changer! I never want to wind another skein without it.

My cousin gave me this really cute origami pets book:


And my sister sent a voucher to put toward some sewing lessons. It’s for a course in Glasgow that I’d already looked up, but the cost was a bit too high for me to pay it all myself. They have options for one evening per week over several weeks or an intensive weekend for the same price, so I need to decide which would work best. Once I’m employed again.





Last Saturday was suuuuuuuuper busy, but I still found time to celebrate Local Yarn Shop Day with a visit to I Sew 2 and Sealy MacWheely.  They’re not the most local-to-me yarn shops, but they are definitely the friendliest I’ve ever visited so it was more than worth the time and effort to get across and support them.

First up was Sealy MacWheely, which had been re-stocked since my last visit so I was really spoilt for choice. Mothy and The Squid won out this time, when I spotted some Leaf Green Rainbow.


I had already seen (and fallen in love with) this colourway on Instagram so there’s no way I was going to leave without buying some.

Then my eyes were irresistibly drawn to this pretty:


It’s called Peacock Flower. Of course my camera can’t handle the reds properly, so that photo is just a hint of how vibrant and warm and beautiful the colours are. I really can’t wait to get this wound up and start making something with it.

And while I was distracted by the oodles of beautiful yarn, these earrings just jumped into my hands! What’s a girl to do?

Of course I bought them.

As it was a special day I also got a free cupcake, blanket pattern, and pin badge. I thought I had a photo of the badge but I can’t find it right now, so hopefully I can get that added later.

Then I popped across the road to I Sew 2. They were starting to wind down and pack up for the day, so I had a quick look around and settled on some coordinating fat quarters.


This one is my particular favourite:

A more accurate picture of the colours

So many pretty, pretty things to play with, I just don’t know where to start! We’ll see what calls to me when I get a proper stretch of crafting time.

Who else treated themselves on Saturday?