WIP Wednesday 06.03.19

Current WIP count: 6

With the baby blankets done and dusted, I can now focus on my dad’s birthday present. It’s going to be a Lego blanket, using lots and lots of these ‘bricks’ (which are really difficult to photograph!).

Crochet lego brick



Crochet lego brick close up



I figured out how to make them myself, which I’m quite proud of.

On Sunday I had a 3-hour train journey and I was hoping to spend the whole time crocheting, but I’m a total dingbat and packed the wrong hook size so I couldn’t do anything. Basically I just took my yarn on a field trip.

It did give me an excuse for a proper reading session though – silver lining!


So I’m nowhere near as far along with the blanket as I hoped to be at this point and I can’t guarantee it’ll be finished in time, which would be a shame.

But I’m not admitting defeat yet. There‚Äôs a fairly clear weekend coming up and I’m going to spend most of it crocheting.

Wish me luck!



FO Friday 22.09.17


Sorry, I’m just completely in love.

It’s not dry yet, so maybe not technically finished, but I just couldn’t wait another second to show it!

I’ve also finished my first Christmas present for this year. Feeling so organised.

Isn’t he a cutie!

That’s it for this week, but I currently have a 4-day weekend and another viral throat infection so be prepared for a bucketload of FOs next week!

Got any FOs to share? Any fun series to watch while I’m out of action? I’ve already watched Pride & Prejudice twice…