Quirky Q&A

Karen posted another quiz, and I’ve missed them so I’m joining in!

Do you have any quirky decorative pieces that you just love?

I’m big into fat acceptance so I have a collection of fat goddess figures that I just love. I don’t find them particularly quirky, but people do often comment on them.



There’s also this needle felted mushroom…thing that a friend got me for Christmas one year.


Do you have quirky food habits? What is the quirkiest?

I love dipping things. Fries into milkshake, crispbread and cheese into tea, crisps into peanut butter. Om nom.

Everyone has a favorite shirt. Do you have a favorite quirky piece of clothing? Maybe it’s super comfortable. Maybe it’s your favorite color.

I don’t think I do. My clothes are pretty standard. Although I must say I’m taking a while to get used to these leggings my Mum bought for me:


I’m so used to bright colours on my top half, not my legs. I love them though so there will be plenty of wearing for me to get used to it!

We all love to craft. Do you have quirkiness involved with your crafting?

I seem to be unusual in that I don’t really limit the number of WIPs I start. If I want to make something and I have the yarn then I’m going for it!

Join in if you feel like it 🙂