Welcome to the family

I just realised I never introduced you all to our new family member! I really was off my blogging game.

You may remember Rosie and Jim, who are a bonded pair of lovebirds and so not remotely interested in interacting with me and the Fiancé.


One day I wondered aloud whether it would be better to get another, unbonded bird to increase the chances of having a wee birdie to actually play with. Next thing I knew we were bringing home an Indian Ringneck called Maggie.

Her previous owners were not very good to her; she’s not as brightly coloured as she should be, due to lack of light and poor diet, she’s a little heavier and less fit than she should be, and worst of all they clipped her wings so she can’t fly. All of these should be fixable with time and proper care, except maybe the wings – we’ll just have to wait for her to moult and see if they grow back.

The only good thing they managed to do was partially hand-train her. From the very first day she would step onto our hands on command, which is already lightyears ahead of Rosie and Jim. Since then we’ve discovered that she loves sitting on shoulders (I must train her to say “pieces of eight”), nibbling ears, and grabbing anything shiny.

I know you’re not supposed to have favourites, but Maggie is exactly what we were hoping for when we got Rosie and Jim. She’s playful and intelligent(ish) and so funny to watch. I love it when she burrows under my hair and just sits there nibbling my ear. We definitely made the right choice in adding her to our family, and I can’t wait to keep building her trust and growing even closer.



Some crafting has occurred!

They’re not much to look at, but they are useful and made with my own two hands: I made some birdie foraging food toys!

Apparently lovebirds, being tiny parrots, are highly intelligent and curious birdies. They also spend a lot of their time (in the wild) searching for food. So lovebird owners are supposed to use forage toys, and regularly move their food bowls around, to keep the birdies’ minds engaged and keep up that foraging instinct.

However, I think we got a couple of special lovebirds. These forage toys sat at the bottom of the cage for 3 days before Rosie and Jim even noticed them, and then it took them another day to figure out there was food inside them. 

They seem to have got the hang of it now so we give them fresh tubes about twice a week, and I must say it feels good to 1. make something useful and 2. use the toilet roll tubes instead of just chucking them.  

In somewhat-related news, we had to give them a shower because they hadn’t yet figured out washing themselves – and we got to hold them for the first time!

They’re still both super wary of us though, so it’s going to be a long time before we get proper birdie snuggles with them.