Out of stock

I remember now why it took me so long to open up my shop in the first place.

Yesterday I decided to add my zentangle cards to stock, as I’ve got a few made up ready to go, so I opened etsy and signed in.

Wait, I need photos of the cards first.

I set them up and took a few photos – rubbish photos because it was starting to get dark, but I figured they would do as placeholders until I could take better ones.

But wait, if somebody actually buys one it might get damaged in the post.

Over to Amazon, where I lost half an hour comparing various plastic wallets and board-backed envelopes, and trying to decide which size(s) would be best to get. That’s another £20 closer to just not tracking how much I’ve spent on this shop with no return because it’s becoming too much to think about.

Right. Those should arrive tomorrow so let’s get the cards listed at last.

Oh wait, I wanted to take proper photos of them so I can get a run printed instead of them just being one-offs. But now it’s dark and there’s no hope of getting quality pictures.

You know what, never mind. I’ll just go to bed.

So my little shop is still sitting there with only 4 items in stock and not a thing sold.  But at least I thought about the board-backed envelopes now, and I’ll have some ready when I finally sell my first card. That’s quite organised for me!



Technological advances

I’m really, really not big on technology. Like, only-got-a-smartphone-at-the-end-of-last-year type not big on technology. But I’m starting to realise that Quiet Water Craft needs some technology if it’s going to work really well.

For example, you’ll have noticed that some of my photos are truly terrible

Exhibit A


That’s because the smarphone I got was an old one that my friend gave me because she hadn’t used it for ages. In limited light, that’s the best the wee camera can do.

It’s so old that at least 10 of my apps keep shouting at me to update them, but I can’t because the updates are bigger than the memory of the phone. This includes Facebook and Instagram, both of which I’m hoping to use to promote QWC.

So you see, I absolutely had to get a new phone! It’s arriving on Sunday and, considering I don’t really care about technology, I’m quite excited about it. It’s not an all-singing all-dancing latest model of course; just new enough to let me do everything I want to do.

This is also my first contract that includes data (Confession: I had to look up what that even meant) so when I spy some inspiration out and about I can share it there and then, instead of trying to remember when I get home three hours later.

So, get ready for some new and improved photos and possibly some links to my social media accounts coming up. Or just some confusion as I’m dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We’ll find out.