Size matters (but not how you think)

Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. Time to dig out my Natasha Bedingfield CD…

Anyway, I’m talking about cable size.

My Flax Light was on a 30 inch cable, which was beginning to worry me; I’m a good deal bigger than 30 inches but the knitting wasn’t completely bunched up on the cable like there was too much of it. And it kind of looked a weird shape. What if I was doing it wrong? What if I was spending weeks and weeks on something that would never fit me in a million years?

Then when I was knitting away at choir last week, I had the following exchange:

– Ooh that’s a lovely colour! What are you making?

– It’s going to be a jumper.

– A little kiddie jumper? Oh yes, it’s so small and cute.


But then I tried moving it across to my 60 inch cable, fully prepared to whip it back to the 30 if it ended up stretched to breaking point, and wonder of wonders it actually looks like the top of a jumper!

Plus it fits on there with a little stretch. I’m also a good deal smaller than 60 inches so it looks like this thing is going to fit me. I almost can’t believe it!

I was flagging a wee bit at the thought of having to make another 15 inches at least in this tiny yarn (why did I not go for the aran weight version??), but now it feels real and I’m really going to get a jumper out of this, suddenly I can’t stop working on it.

Will I finish in April? I doubt it, but I’m certainly willing to give it a go. The (sort of) good thing about living in Scotland is I’ll likely be able to wear my jumper for 11 months of the year. There’s no rush to get it finished before summer because we very rarely have one!