WIP Wednesday 03.04.19

Current WIP count: 5

The next section of Havana is a bit more complicated so I’m having to pay attention more when working on it.

I’m really enjoying the colours for this part. They make me think of super heroes.

It’s been weeks and weeks since I did anything on the dragon amigurumi, so I figured it was time to get back to it. 20190402_210054-1.jpgI’m deviating from the pattern a little, but who can blame me? It calls for making the feet, foot pads and claws separately and then sewing all these fiddly little bits together. Sack that for a laugh!

I was hoping to use the pattern for snorlax from Christmas 2017, because I loved his little feet and they were pretty simple to make, with NO sewing. But that blog no longer exists so I’m just trying to remember it as best I can. Wish me luck.

Cute little Snorlax foot

Flax Light has become my travel project, but as I’m on the straight knit bit I won’t post photos again until something interesting happens.

So that’s my WIPs this week. What’s everyone else working on? Let me know in the comments!



FO Friday 29.12.17

I’m so glad I have these posts to help me keep track of the days. Isn’t the time between Christmas and new year strange?

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been crocheting constantly for the last three to four weeks, and now suddenly everything that needs to be made has been made. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself!

Never fear, all my family birthdays fall within January to April so I’ll be busy making again soon enough. In the meantime let’s have a looksee at some of the presents I made for Christmas.

The first gift I handed out was this little musical kitty (pattern here)


Shortly followed by her tiny ginger twin


I sent out octopoms


(plus 2 more octos I didn’t get photos of)

and pokemon.

And yes, I finally finished my dad’s snorlax yesterday

I just love his little feet!

I also finished up the fingerless gloves and gave them to my friend. She immediately put them on and ran off to show her fiancé, so I think she was pleased.

Because of the yarn and hook size, these are super quick and easy to make so I’m definitely putting some into my shop in the new year.

So how’s everyone else doing this week? Managed any yarning for yourself? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 27.12.17

Current WIP count: 6

I have a confession to make. This is the current state of my snorlax gift

Two days past Christmas and he still needs an arm and two feet attached.


My problem is I’ve crocheted him so tightly that I snapped two needles trying to sew the parts together.

I’m currently using this beastie, which seems rather difficult to snap even if I tried.

But it’s still hard going and impossible to rush the job. He will be finished before I head back to Glasgow though.

I’m also working on some more fingerless bottle warmers for a friend. These are deliberately late, as I knew I wouldn’t see her until later in the week.

My brother loved his pokemon amis, and made them his cover photo on Facebook as soon as he opened them. I also made a little something for my mum and a family friend, which I’ll share on Friday, and they loved them too. I am so happy when people like my makes.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and that you managed to finish all your presents on time!



WIP Wednesday 20.11.17

Current WIP count: 4

I have honestly never crocheted so fast in my life. I made a little amigurumi cat in one morning. I made an even smaller amigurumi cat in around 3 hours (although spaced out over a couple of days because teeny tiny work makes my wrists ache). I’ve made octopoms and fingerless gloves and a robin, and I’ve still not finished my gift list!

All my friends up in Glasgow have been accounted for though, so now I’m back to working on gifts for my family and friends down in England. This week it’s back to the Snorlax I started a while ago.

Looking like a Cluedo piece so far


He’s turning out bigger than I expected. So much so that I made it a quarter of the way into the body before having to go and get more yarn. Oops.

If I’d realised sooner, I definitely would have frogged, halved the pattern, and started again, but I’ve got too far and it’s too close to Christmas now so I shall soldier on! At least I know for next time.

Despite having to crochet almost non-stop, I’m really enjoying making gifts rather than buying them this year. I always found the buying a bit fraught; running around the shops trying to look at everything in the hope that something will jump out as perfect for X, Y, Z person.

Doing it this way, I can just think of what each person likes and then go ahead and make it. Much less stressful!

So what’s everyone else working on this week? Are you making your gifts or buying them, or both? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 29.11.17

Is it still Wednesday? Yes? Phew, I made it!

Current WIP count: 5

I’ve managed to put down my circular needles at last, and now I’ve started working on another Christmas present.

This one’s going to be a snorlax! I’m using a pattern from Knitty Cat Crochet, and I really wish I’d discovered it before I made the doily.

Instead of the usual amigurumi increases at equal intervals all the way round, you increase in clusters with 3 sc in between clusters (the pattern explains it better), which gives this oval shape.

This could have helped with the doily problem. At least a bit. Never mind, what’s done is done!

Snorlax isn’t too big, but I’ve got a super busy week so he probably won’t be finished until next week. Not sure I’ll have anything to show this Friday – oh noes! Let’s see what I can do.

How’s your week going? Working on anything fun? Let me know in the comments!