WIP Wednesday 28.03.18

Current WIP count: 5

I confess, I started another WIP. There were all these odds and ends of blue and white left from the chevron blanket, too small to really make anything. Then I remembered all the little scraps I had left from other projects and I just had to do something with them.

So here is my scrappy blanket.

Some of the bits aren’t even long enough for a full row so it’s going to be a real mish mash, but the cat sanctuary can always use another blanket and I’m guessing cats aren’t particularly bothered about pretty.

I’d forgotten how addictive the granny stitch is. I only started it on Monday and it’s nearly finished already. I just keep thinking “One more row. One more row. One more row!”

And I have at last finished my first ever crochet sleeve.

Now to do it all over again and try to make it exactly the same as this one. It should go faster this time, as I’m not running off to New Zealand for two weeks in the middle, but we’ll see.

I think it’s time to just accept that I will never be a one-WIP crafter and run with it. At least I’m not up in double figures again!


How’s your week going? Managed to whittle down your WIP list? let me know in the comments!








WIP Wednesday 21.03.18

Current WIP count: 6

I’m still working on these dratted bootees. I keep thinking I’m done with one, but then I look at it the next day and it’s just not right.


Right now I’m not 100% happy with the shaping at the front, but I might just let it go.

The baby isn’t due until June so I’ve also spent a bit of time on my Tunisian jumper and the chevron blanket. This is where my sleeve is up to.

I’m on the last section, just a few more rows and I start all over again with the next sleeve!


And I’m on to the final white section of the blanket. I’ll save photos for Friday because it will be finished.

That’s what I’m working on this week, how about you? Got any thoughts on the bootees shape? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 14.03.18


Current WIP count: 6

I need to stop saying that things will be simple or won’t take me long.

Here are just a few of my attempts at the soles for these baby bootees


I tried to just follow this pattern from Bonita Patterns, my usual, and the soles turned out absolutely perfect! But it turns out the lilac ‘dk’ yarn is about half the thickness of the grey ‘dk’. No idea which is correct, I just know that the two of them weren’t working together that way.

Then I tried some darker purple yarn with a different pattern. I like the sole, but the yarn didn’t feel that nice and it just didn’t go as well with the grey.

Then I tried doubling up the lilac with that rounded sole. Gorgeous, but preemie size.

So I tweaked the pattern a little to make it bigger, and I finally have a workable sole that looks okay with a grey upper.


I’ve also worked a few more rows on my rainbow Tunisian jumper, I’m now up to the red and orange colour combo. Just red and burgundy to go and that’ll be my first ever sleeve finished.

So that’s my week so far. Anyone else having yarn trouble? Got some WIPs to share? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 14.01.18

Current WIP count: 6

Oh I am enjoying working on this Tunisian top. Just look at the pretty colours!


When I was planning it out, I actually didn’t understand the construction of Tunisian stitches so I didn’t know it would come out with one colour on the vertical bars and the other on the horizontal stitches. But the more I look at it, the more I like it.

It’s also given me an idea for another one (I have a baaad case of start-itis that I’m trying to resist!) – I would keep the rainbow colours for the stitches, but use black yarn for the vertical bars. I reckon that would look even better.

My WIP count has gone down thanks to some frogging rather than finishing. The grey knitted hat was turning out absolutely massive, big enough to fit a baby elephant massive, so I frogged it and I’ve put the yarn aside for another project. I don’t think it wanted to be a hat after all.

And I haven’t really touched anything else, Tunisian is strangely addictive! So that’s my week so far. What’s everyone else working on? And what do you think of my black rainbow top idea? Let me know in the comments!



New stitches: Tunisian Purl Stitch

I learned quite a few Tunisian stitches last weekend, but I’m going to share this one first because it solves the curling problem!

I give you the Tunisian Purl Stitch! *cue Hallelujah Chorus*

It’s basically the same as doing the simple stitch, but you start off with the yarn in front of the hook rather than behind it.

The only awkward part I’ve found is that my first attempts were super tight so when I came to use them on the next round I couldn’t get the hook through. One solution (shown in this here video) is to hold on to the yarn with your thumb while you yarn over, which keeps it from pulling up tight.

(Side note: I never knew people said TOO-NEE-SHUN. I always say TYOO-NIZ-EE-UN.)

The magic is that just one row of this purl stitch at the start of my work stopped the curling entirely!


See, this is the start of my sleeve. You can see the bumps on the front, that’s the purl row, and the rest of the cuff is simple stitch, and it’s not curling at all.


I’m assuming (but haven’t actually tested) that a piece made entirely of purl stitch would curl the other way, and it’s the balance between the two directions that keeps it straight. But making something entirely out of purl stitch seems silly to me when simple stitch is less fiddly, so I’m going to purl one or two rows at the start of my Tunisian pieces and then carry on as normal with other stitches.

I’m so excited about fixing the curling problem! Is that weird? Is anyone else as happy about it? Please let me know in the comments!