18 for 2018 November review

White rabbits and 24 days til Christmas!

1 New blog followed per week – 4/4 (yearly total 41/45)


2 New stitches/techniques learned per month – 3/2 (17/22)

I learned two knitting stitches this month, and both back loop stitches; I learned how to p2tog and k2tog through the back loops. One in my Leafy Baby Blanket and one in the Sunrise Scarf

3 Instagram posts per week – 7/13 (133/141)

Nooot even close.

4 Exercise sessions per week – 20/20 (182/190)

Bang on this month, despite the wet, cold, miserable weather. I’m so glad I have all my equipment at home so I can workout in my nice warm living room.

5 Blog posts written per week – 14/23 (151/238)

This is a lot more than I expected to manage when I looked at my stats halfway through the month.

I am noticing a pattern of not very many posts at the beginning of the month and then more and more as time goes on. I should probably use this to my advantage and write some extra posts for scheduling when I’m in the flow.

6 Patterns written up – 3/6 (3/6)

No progress

7 Areas in my flat sorted – 6/7 (6/7)

I’m coming to the end of my contract at work and I wanted to check what I’m entitled to, but I couldn’t find the paper copy. Which is not surprising at all when you consider that my method of filing at home was to shove everything willy nilly onto a shelf. Hey, I can’t be Super Admin all the time.

Now I have all my important documents in a folder with labelled dividers.

Yes, it’s a Miffy folder. I see no reason why ‘grown up’ has to mean ‘boring’.

And all my delivery notes are in date order, until I figure out how long you’re supposed to hold onto these things before shredding. Any ideas?

8 Minutes of writing per day

Pretty much done.

9 pm bed time – 5/30 (93/334)

Something tells me I’m not going to meet this goal 😉 For December I’ll just aim to get the total to at least 100, I’ll count that as a mini achievement.

10% of wages saved – 10/10


12 Hand-written letters – 12/12 COMPLETE!

WOO HOOO! All done and I haven’t even written my Christmas letters yet. Success!

13 New recipes tried – 13/13 COMPLETE!

I met this goal with one of my favourite ever foods – cinnamon buns! What a way to cross the finish line.

14 Meet ups with friends – 14/14 COMPLETE! (stretch goal 22/25)

This month was more about one-on-one meet ups. I went over to a friend’s house for dinner and some drumming practice, both of which were excellent.

I also took a different friend to the Vanguard Centre for an archery session. I suspect he just wants to look like he knows what he’s doing when he joins in the group session for the first time, but I enjoyed spending time with him anyway. And he’s pretty good!

15 Birthdays on time – 12/15

I missed a birthday (because I blinked and it was suddenly 2 weeks later) so I might not meet this goal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes fixed on the calendar so I don’t miss any more.

16 Christmas cards made – 12/16

Gosh I’m almost there. I’ve got a card making session this weekend so I should make it no problem.

17 Birthday cards made – 8/17

None this month, although I am still very pleased with my good luck card and I wish I could count it.


18 Items decluttered – 15/18

I’ve had these shoes for years, but I’ve only worn them once. Despite still being one of the most beautiful pairs I’ve ever owned, they are completely impractical and I can barely walk in them. They just had to go.

I also got rid of sooooooo much old paperwork after my sort out. I had a very satisfying half hour with the shredder at work making sure they were disposed of properly.

I am on track to meet a lot of my goals, which is pretty exciting! Just got to make sure I don’t lose steam now I’m so close. So how was everyone’s November? Did you meet any goals? Let me know in the comments!




18 for 2018 September review

Before I even start this I’m preparing myself for this month being a bust. What with my new role at work and a bunch of job interviews to prepare for, there’s been very little time for my goals.


That was a brand new target when we started.


15 Birthdays on time – 12/15

One of my friends in choir had a birthday and I got there in time! But I also missed a couple of others so not all great.


16 Christmas cards made – 3/16



17 Birthday cards made – 8/17

Just the one, but that’s more than none.


18 Items decluttered – 9/18



So yeah, a pretty naff month overall. But I’m still trying my best and that was the real goal all along 🙂

How’s everyone else’s goals going, if you set any? Got any exciting plans for October? Let me know in the comments!