Tangle of the week: Vortex

Today we’re having a look at Vortex, tutorial right here.


This is one tangle I struggled with when I first came across it, even though it’s pretty simple really. I kept trying to draw all the lines originating from the corners of the inner square, which left big gaps down the edges and looked a bit naff.

Like so

Then I struggled with getting the lines to curve the same amount, ending up with some massively C-shaped and some almost straight.

But I was pretty new to Zentangle when I came across it so I let myself off, and I think I’ve just about got the hang of it now.


Although my squares still aren’t always exactly square!

On my cards I love to use Vortex as a frame for a sentiment, putting it in the centre square with the lines radiating out from it. And I just this second had an idea to put a square of coloured card in the middle and keep the lines black and white – I do love my little pops of colour in B+W surroundings. I’ll try that one when I get back to my stash at home and maybe let you know how it goes.

So what do you think of Vortex? Do you think the coloured card would work? Let me know in the comments!