More free time

I’m about a hair’s breadth from changing this blog’s title to The Unemployment Diaries. I am once again without job, and believe me when I say if covid were a person I would punch them in the face while holding a kettlebell.

So now I have time once again to think about my advent yarns. A preliminary footer about with them gave me this:


The colours aren’t quite accurate to real life, but I think you can see how that one yellow skein stands out like a sore thumb:


Better. But I still don’t know what to do with them.

On the one hand it would be nice to use them all in one thing so I could go “this was my first yarn advent calendar” every time I use it, but on the other hand I don’t use scarves very often (and shawls even less) and it would be sad to make something just for it to sit on the coat rack. And it is sock yarn after all.  But that all-in-one-item idea is so appealing, so I just don’t know.

At least I’ve got some time to think about it.




The 25th day of advent calendaring

I’ve been putting this off because I didn’t want to admit that my advent calendar is finished. It was so lovely having a little packet of happiness to open, and new yarn to squish, every single day.

But all good things must come to an end so here’s my last 5 lots of advent yarn.


I’m so happy with all the beautiful colours, and now I have the fun of finding a pattern to use them in and playing with the order of the skeins. That should keep me occupied for a while I think.



The 20th day of advent calendaring

Oh man I love the colours in these five pretties! They look so good together:


I can’t believe there are only five days left, what will I do when there’s no more new yarn to open?? You know, apart from look at patterns and start making something with them all. I might just have to start thinking about next year’s advent calendar as well…



The 15th day of advent calendaring

Well those five days went past in a flash.

Here is the interesting bunch of colours that came out of my advent packets this time.


The purple and yellow one really stands out to me, as there’s no other skein (so far) with such opposite colours put together. Whatever I end up making with these lovelies I suspect it won’t include that wee odd one out!



The 10th day of advent calendaring


My advent calendar threw out some surprising colours this week. I was not expecting the orangey yellow one that reminds me of Fruit Salad sweets. Or the irn bru one.

But I still love love LOVE them all, and I’m still just as excited every morning when I get to open a new little parcel. I definitely want to do this again next year!



The 5th day of advent calendaring

As promised, here are the first five mini skeins from my yarn advent calendar:

They’re so gorgeous!

I’m still not sure what I’m going to make with them yet. If the colours continue like this I might go for some blue/green socks with pink/purple contrast cuffs and toes, or if the right skeins come out I could make some sort of fade scarf. We shall see.

I’m still loving the little surprise each day!



It’s December!

And you know what that means – I get to open my first advent yarn!

I made sure to get out of bed when my alarm went off this morning instead of hitting snooze, so I’d definitely have time to open it before work. Which I did. So here is my first tiny advent skein:


The blue is slightly more teal-ish in real life, but my camera couldn’t quite catch it. It’s soooo beautiful and I love the stitch marker as well, so this is an excellent start to the advent calendar fun.

I’m probably not organised enough to post what I get every day (also, spam) but I might show them off in groups as December goes along. 



Happy mail

I’m so exciteeed! As an early Christmas present, the Fiancé has bought me my very first yarn advent calendar from Bluebell Yarns!


Each teeny parcel contains a 10g skein of Falkland Corriedale 4ply, and I went for the non-Christmas colourway option so the colours will be a total surprise for me as I open them. I have some ideas for what to make using my new mini skeins, but I’m waiting to see what they all look like together before making a definite decision.

I just can’t wait to start opening them! Is it December yet??