A mini make

Current WIP count: 6

I over-ordered the yarn for my Flax Light, so there was a whole skein and at least 1/3 of another left over. That wasn’t enough to make another one for myself (tempting as it may be) but I knew it would definitely be enough to make a mini version for my friend’s toddler.

So that’s happening. Her birthday is at the beginning of December so that’s my initial goal, but if I miss that then the aim is Christmas!

There’s been very little time at home over the last week so I haven’t made much progress on Morag. The loop stitch means it’s not quite mindless enough for working on at choir.

I have a train journey or two coming up at the weekend so I should be able to get a move on with her.

A question for everyone – what is your opinion on knitting or crocheting at a wedding and/or wedding reception? Yes? No? “You’re a terrible person for even thinking about it”? Asking for a friend….



14 thoughts on “A mini make”

  1. It’s always nice having the excess yarn “problem” to overcome and it sounds like you came up with a good solution to it. As to knitting or crocheting at a wedding and/or its reception, you’re/they’re not a terrible person for thinking of it (I’m one of those people who find weddings mind-numbingly boring and suspect that they’re socially-engineered public torture devices, so I totally get it), but I’d say that a guest definitely shouldn’t do that. The wedding day belongs to the lucky couple and the role of a guest is to do his/her best to make their day as special as possible for them. That means a guest is stuck doing nothing but wedding-related things. I hope it’s quick and painless and that you/they can get back to knitting and crocheting soon.

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  2. I wouldn’t knit at the service, but the reception? Why not. As long as it isn’t during speeches or other celebratory rituals. But once the drinking and dancing starts, no one will remember anyway. 😄

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      1. I don’t really like that kind of dancing, although my boyfriend did manage to drag me up for a slow dance!
        I didn’t knit at all during the actual wedding-y bits, but I’m glad I had it with me when we had a wait for transport.

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  3. I had to laugh. While I totally understand your desire to use the space of time from a wedding to work on a project, something tells me it might be frowned upon. But bring it in the car (just in case) 😉

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