On Sunday I was in the kitchen sifting icing sugar into a bowl. I took out a teaspoon to push the last few clumps through the sieve, and was hit with a crystal clear memory of my Grandma standing in her kitchen, teaching me to use a spoon so I would stop using my fingers.

Losing someone never hurts any less; it just hurts less often. This particular kick in the heart reminded me why I started my Roses for Grandma blanket, and got me digging through my WIP pile to find it and get going again.


I have a few more squares to make so that’s going to be my focus this month. I’ve pretty much decided on the layout so once they’re all made up I can get straight to joining them together. It’s a somewhat fancy, lacy crochet join so it might take me a while, but I have decided that this blanket will be finished this year.



16 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. I’ve made that very blanket ! – years ago, as a present for a friend to give at a christening. I made it in some soft wool, with the roses in shades of pink or red only, and it was really nice. Small but, of course. You’ll be tickled pink when you finish it.

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    1. Aw it’s perfect for a christening present, they must have been so happy with it πŸ™‚ Maybe I should have gone for a wee lap blanket size so it might be finished by now, but I just like the idea of being wrapped up in it.

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  2. awwww I just clicked an read your original post ^^
    One of my grandmas loved Bronley lemon soap – in the shape of lemon and sold (back in the 70s) wrapped in tissue paper just like a real lemon. We used to gift her a bar of lemon soap every birthday and Christmas and she would always keep her new lemon soaps in her knickers drawer until she needed a new bar of soap in the bathroom.

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    1. My Grandma did that with her soap too. I don’t think I’ll be carrying on that particular tradition though. It’s good that we have these memories of people I reckon, even if they can sometimes be a bit painful when they pop out of nowhere like that.


  3. What a perfect way to say it, “Losing someone never hurts any less; it just hurts less often.” The pain, when the waves of grief for my grandmother, my mom and my youngest son, hits, it’s just as fresh as when I lost them, but you are right it happens just less often.

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