An FO and a big “NOPE” to magic loop

Only one month late, the baby Flax Light is finally finished and blocking!


Thankfully, baby is on the petite side so she hasn’t already outgrown it before it even gets to her.

Now, those sleeves.


I tried. I really tried. But magic loop (the knitting version) is just not for me. I don’t understand the argument that it’s easier/better than using DPNs, with all the to-ing and fro-ing of the cable, dealing with two massive ladders in your work, or constantly changing where the cable pops out to avoid said ladders. So. much. FAFF!

It’s good to know what my strengths and weaknesses are though, and it’s much better to not use magic loop because I don’t like it rather than because I’m scared of it, as used to be the case.  I’ll take that sort-of-win.

I should hopefully see my friend at some point this month so fingers crossed for some photos of baby wearing her new jumper. I hope she likes it!




37 thoughts on “An FO and a big “NOPE” to magic loop”

  1. My first attempt at magic loop definitely looked like that but now it’s my favorite. Mostly because I knit a lot of socks and I take the bus every day, so I was always scared I was going to lose a needle when I use DPNS!

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  2. I am not a magic loop enthusiast either. But I’m not a double pointed needle enthusiast either, :P, I use size 8″ circs for the cuffs and up to where I need 12″ circs for the sleeves, and depending on the size of the body of the sweater, 16″ or larger circs. We all have our own preferences and that is the way it should be :).

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      1. It takes a little bit to get use to them (not long tho) and I love them. I also use the Flexi Flips for things that are smaller number of stitches than my 8 or 9″ circ can do. Love the Flexi Flips too :), they are kind of like a combination of the double pointed needles and the magic loop without being either :P. I use them for toes and hat crowns.


  3. I like and enjoy using both techniques. I think I usually choose between them based on whether or not I will be taking the project to and fro. More traveling equals more chances for my DPN’s to get lost.

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  4. I don’t like magic loop either. Give me double points or give me death! I just realized that’s a very American thing to say. Do you know the reference? It’s from my public school upbringing in US History propaganda! 😆

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  5. Totally agree, I don’t see the attraction or maybe I’m doing it wrong but it stretches the yarn too much. Plus DPN pack just fine and are small. I’m sticking with them.

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    1. Exactly – they’re sooo much more portable. I tried to take this in my bag once and one end slipped right out of the stitches! Thankfully it didn’t move around much so I was able to pick them up again and fix it.

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  6. I’ve only ever used magic loop for socks which I don’t make that often but much prefer it to DPNs. I did buy a tiny circular needle too but can’t remember why or whether I used it for anything 🙄

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  7. I do love the magic loop when I make socks for a few reasons. The smaller circumference of the project is easily managed with one needle and because socks are often my traveling project, I don’t have to worry about losing my precious dpns. That being said, on sleeves or hats, I definitely prefer double points or a very small circular. The sweater looks great! Did you enjoy the Baby Flax pattern? xoxo Regina

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    1. Hello, I haven’t seen you for a while! How you doing?
      Mine did not travel well – one end of the cable came right out and dropped half my stitches. Another mark against it! I think I actually prefer making adult-sized Flax; although it took aaaaages it was a lot less fiddly.

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      1. I have been well, all things considered. I have been dodging life’s little (and not so little storms). I became so over-taxed with work and other duties that I found little to no time for the things that I enjoy, such as blogs! I pared back on much of what I was doing that could be delegated or stepped away from. I hope I have the discipline to say NO when things come my way. I have had needles separate on me as well. I have purchased a few fixed circulars just for socks so that won’t happen again!! Stay well, my friend.

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  8. Blaaaaargh, magic loop is the worst! I’m going to put in another vote for the two circular needle method mentioned by A Hooker’s World just before me. It keeps your work safe when you’re travelling, and you can take on any size of tube from baby socks to adult sweater bodies! Love your finished baby Flax Light too 😊


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