30 days has September

August turned out to be really quite productive.

I finished off my shawl and star blanket, I tried out a granny basket, made a gift for my sister, got some knitting done, and made so many cards they’re literally piling up.

There was even time to make it to an all day Sacred Harp singing and my monthly book club as well!

I reckon I’d be quite entitled to a rest after all that, but I’m still planning to have a useful September as well.

I have invested in a really big piece of white card, which I can hopefully use as a backdrop for some better photos. I also realised that the light bulb in my hallway is about ten times brighter than the one in my living room, which is stupid if you ask me, so I’m going to swap them round and that should also help with less-terrible photos. And being able to see what I’m doing in the living room.

The yarn for my brother’s Christmas present(s) has arrived so I’m going to make a start on that, as well as some little Christmas goodies to be listed in the shop. Feeling terribly organised, even though I know some people started with Christmas in July.

I’m also going to finish off all the little bits of projects that are hanging around and getting on my nerves.

So that’s my (rough) plan for September; better photos so I can stock the shop, finishing up, and Christmas! What’s everyone else got planned? Or are you just going to wing it? Let me know in the comments!



19 thoughts on “30 days has September”

  1. If you struggle with natural light, I would suggest maybe a ring light or a daylight light. Depending on your budget, sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to just diy. I can only really take good pictures at a certain time of day in my bedroom because light sucks. I have huge windows though, use the daylight outside and photograph outside. Use chairs tables as props etc that can help. An as for Christmas, I haven’t even started I think I’ll wing it!

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  2. I’m so glad I don’t sell anything because I would really stress out about taking pictures. I hope you share all of your tips and tricks so if I ever do decide to sell stuff I’ll know what to do. You had a super busy August! I love the way the scarf is coming along. Nice job attacking your wips! I think I’m going to end up in double digits once I start all of my holiday projects. πŸ˜€

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    1. I shall welcome you to the double digits club with open arms πŸ˜‰
      The scarf is sooo much longer already, I love the way airy patterns grow so quickly. I’m now trying to decide whether to make it extra long, or finish this one off and try making another one, doubled up with another colour sock yarn. Decisions, decisions…

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