WIP Wednesday 20.03.19

Current WIP count: 6

I finally got time at the weekend to start joining some Lego bricks together. And ran into trouble almost immediately, as all these ‘chunky’ yarns are vastly different when it comes to thickness so my bricks aren’t all the same size.


I’m making do, but it definitely doesn’t look quite as I imagined and I’m not sure there’s enough blocking in the world to fix it. At least this is for my dad so he’s contractually obligated to love it 😉


This is almost 2/3 done, not including the border. Saturday is the deadline and I’ve got another 3-hour train journey on Friday night that I can dedicate to it, so I’m pretty confident I’ll have a finished blanket ready to go on time. Still, keep your fingers crossed for me!

All the other WIPs are calling to me so I’m looking forward to getting this blanket done and dusted and getting back to them. I admit I did knit a few stitches of my Flax Light on Sunday – after a whole day of sewing bricks together I just needed to do something different for a wee bit!

What’s everyone else working on? Let me know in the comments!




9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 20.03.19”

  1. I think it’s amazingly effective. It’s true that different yarns that are, apparently, the same gauge, are wildly different in thickness. I’m currently working on a geometric blanket that uses just three colours and I spent ages working out what yarns would go together I ended up with one dk and two arans and even then the arans seem to be slightly thinner than the dk!

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  2. It might have come out better if you had worked the afghan as one item, changing colors as necessary…good luck with blocking! Do you know you can melt acrylic with over-steaming? this would remove all elasticity of the yarn, making it more relaxed.


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