Sock it to me Monday 10

Oh so much news for my tenth socky post! I’d like to say I planned it so there was something interesting to say just in time for double digits, but that would be a blatant lie. Everyone knows I’m too disorganised for that.

The first news: I finished my first ever pair of socks AND THEY FIT!!


I keep trying them on because part of my brain can’t quite believe that it worked.

These are made with Mothy and the Squid yarn in the colourway Peacock Flower. The pattern is Basic Sock with Integrated Heel on Ravelry and I used 2mm DPNs to make the largest size for my hobbit feet.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am with these socks. If I were not so scared of causing holes I’d never take them off.

But I am a sock knitter now and can’t bear to have empty needles for long, so the second news:


I cast on for the boyfriend’s socks and already made it to the foot.

It’s going soooo much faster than mine, thanks to the sensible amount of ribbing (15 rounds, thanks for all the advice!) and a slightly shorter leg. Also the fact that I haven’t yet messed it up. Win.

It’s official – I love knitting socks!



33 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 10”

  1. Yay Hannah!!! They look fantastic. I am so happy that you stuck with them even though you had to do some parts over. It really is just maths. Once you get the formula, it all makes sense.

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  2. Well done you ! πŸ™‚
    Presoomably The Boyfriend chose his own colour ? – don’t give him too much freedom or you’ll find he expects to be involved every time.. What ? – that’s what you’d like to happen ? [grin]

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    1. Nope, the yarn was supposed to be a surprise present so I chose it for him. But it turns out he doesn’t like using thin yarns so the socks will be the not-so-surprise present instead. It’s a bit of a running theme between us, as purple is his favourite colour and green is mine.

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    1. It still surprises me how quickly they’re going, especially considering my pair took me over two months! I’m very very tempted to start my Rose City Rollers already just to see how fast short socks will go.

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    1. Thank you πŸ˜€ He has taken up knitting, but discovered pretty quickly that he hates using anything thinner than DK, so the sock knitting will be left to me for the foreseeable future!


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