Sock it to me Monday 14

I finished my first pair of Pride socks and I LOVE THEM!


They turned out slightly more mismatched than I expected (although they’re not actually different shapes – the right side just wouldn’t lie flat), but I think the similarities are enough to tie them together as a pair. Plus they’re comfy and soooo toasty.



There’s still plenty of month left so I made a start on the second lot of yarn I was considering.

These are not going so well.


Curse you, accidental colour pooling.

The yarn did look fairly rainbow-y in the skein, but now they feel more like Hogwarts Houses socks.


Not that I’m against Hogwarts socks, but I was really aiming for a more Pride-y look.

I suppose the spiral stripes look kind of cool, so it’s not really a disaster. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the other sock turns out the same so at least I have a matching pair of not-quite-rainbow socks.

Once this pair is finished that’ll be me out of rainbow-like yarn so I shall finally start my first Rose City Rollers. I’m pretty excited!



20 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 14”

  1. I like the rainbow socks and the difference is a feature. I haven’t read/seen Harry Potter but I’ve heard of the houses/school, but wouldn’t know the colours of each except I can guess the snake and griffin one from the shields. I like the quirky pattern and I’m very interested to see how it’s pair goes.

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    1. I love them so much, which is weird considering how much I love symmetry! Maybe it’s just the fact that I made them myself. I just started the second sock so we’ll see if the colour pooling keeps up.

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  2. I am astonished at your sock knitting! I don’t know how you do it so fast. I noticed you were doing toe up socks, Which I have never tried I usually start at the cuff and work down as I prefer a flat Kitchener stitch toe. Truly impressed.

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