Oh, snap.

Last post I showed you my sock progress. Two or three rows later, this happened.

A snapped circular sock needle


Luckily, I got it down onto the table without dropping any stitches so there was no frogging or fixing required. Unluckily, I don’t have any other empty sock needles in my collection so now I’m having to use these ridiculous things:


You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve stabbed myself or the boyfriend or cushions that are anywhere near me when I’m knitting. But I didn’t have to undo all that fiddly work and the sock is progressing so overall I’m calling it a win.

I don’t think I’ll bother with circular sock needles again.



21 thoughts on “Oh, snap.”

  1. How do you need shorter sock needles, those seem kind of long. Also I don’t use wooden ones I have Teflon coated metal ones that don’t seem as sea urchin looking, LOL

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  2. I use a loooong cabled circular needle when I knit socks, I think it’s maybe 120cm…I switched to that after snapping a shorter one. I use 2mm needles and on bamboo DPNs they are definitely weapons to all around…including what I’m wearing.

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      1. I have tried the tiny circulars, and find they hurt my hands. I would much rather use DPNs. But I do know other people prefer the tiny circs. It’s all in what works best for you 🙂


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