Sock it to me Monday 38

The shortie socks did not work out. After the first sock didn’t fit very well I made adjustments when making the second, but it still didn’t fit so I frogged them both.  I still can’t believe my gauge is so different just because I used a circular rather than DPNs.

The socks will still happen though! I can use the DPNs that are free now because I finally finished the Christmas socks, despite their best efforts to be frogged.


Yes, it bothers me that the toes aren’t identical, but after at least 10 mistakes/frogs/restarts there’s no way I’m undoing one just to add a few rows of red. As far as I’m concerned they’re pretty darn good for my first ever striped socks. Plus they’re nice and warm, which is perfect for the Scottish pre-winter Autumn.

Man I love making socks!



13 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 38”

  1. Your socks look great. Some yarns are better than others but I don’t think these self striping yarns are themselves so perfect that you can get absolutely identical socks. Most of the time I just embrace the idea of different socks. You could try doing a swatch on circular needles and adjusting accordingly. My tension is slightly different on straight needles and circular ones but in my case not a great deal.


  2. oooh they look great! and talk about nit-picking lol. Stripes line up all over, and it’s literally a smidgen off at the toes (which no one is going to notice when you’ve got your shoes on lol).


  3. You obviously do, Hannah – and you make ’em awfully well !! No knitter anywhere would be ashamed of that pair. Well done you, up there in Glasgow where the sun doesn’t spread its warmth around a lot and feet need to feel as if it does ..


  4. Absolutely love them, I should make shorter socks, I might fly through them like you do. I just finished my 3rd sock of my Pumpkin Pue socks I did last spring. Somehow I got a size 2 needle in the mix of DPNs and it was wonky & too big. I relly like them so I tore it all out and started the complicated lace pattern all over. Now by the 3rd sock I finally have the hang of the pattern and it went by fast. But my socks always seem too high so I might try a shorter leg next time. I have some lovely self-striping yarn I need to use up. (I’m also trying to use my stash up) 😉


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