The 15th day of advent calendaring

Well those five days went past in a flash.

Here is the interesting bunch of colours that came out of my advent packets this time.


The purple and yellow one really stands out to me, as there’s no other skein (so far) with such opposite colours put together. Whatever I end up making with these lovelies I suspect it won’t include that wee odd one out!



7 thoughts on “The 15th day of advent calendaring”

  1. Couple of years back I bought a ‘collection’ of mini-skeins, and made a scarf of them for a very old friend (even older than me !). The time it took to arrange them prior to knitting it up was amazing; but in the end I was happy and she was DELIGHTED !
    It was a fun project; and if you want to use yours for a single item, you’ll find it tricky for anything other than a scarf, Hannah ..


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