I can do it!

I’ve been knitting maybe two or three years at this point (or more, who knows?) and I still go through the same cycle with every single new skill.  It seems terribly difficult and intimidating so I procrastinate for ages and ages, but then I finally try and it turns out to be so much easier than I thought.

This week it was colourwork. More specifically Fair Isle, because I was ‘scared’ and decided to go as simple as possible.


It’s only a baby mitten, and the tension is a bit weird because I grabbed whatever was closest and the yarns aren’t all the same thickness, but I did that. I made a Fair Isle thing in one day, and my floats aren’t too shabby either.


So that’s one item off my Make Nine list, and the motivation to get on with every single colourwork pattern I’ve ever wanted to make. I can even do colourwork socks! I’m going to make a start right now.



8 thoughts on “I can do it!”

  1. Well done! I’m scared of colorwork too, mostly because I’ve tried and struggled so much to manage multiple strands of yarn at once. Looking forward to seeing your colorwork socks!


  2. Like you I look at new techniques and am scared to try. I think it was very clever of you to try a simple version on a small item. I sometimes just knit a small square – they can eventually be joined into a throw or cushion cover or something but all I ahve to concentrate on is the new skill. Your mittens are lovely.


  3. Definitely keep trying on your colourwork item, the first thing I made was a hat and it was too tight, I ripped it out and then it was too loose…I have the yarn to maybe knit it a 3rd time but its a little like Goldilocks haha. Best of luck.


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