FO Friday 07.06.19

I have another finish WOO HOOOO!

This poncho has taken me far too long, but it’s done now and looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

It just needs a quick wash to soften it up and then I can hand it over on Monday.

A question for everyone: what would you charge for this? The yarn is all acrylic that I had hanging around in my stash, and I spent about 4-5 hours (ish) making it. My initial thought was £30, but is that too much? Not enough? Let me know what you think!



8 thoughts on “FO Friday 07.06.19”

  1. At that price you are paying yourself less than the minimum wage even if you regard the yarn as free (and presumably you paid for it some time. even if it was long ago.)

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  2. have no idea on cost in your currency. standard in us is 3 x the cost of the yarn, accounting for your time and the cost of the yarn. quite far when you consider shops around her charging 105% retail. I am sure you could use the same calculations for your currency.

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  3. I find pricing tough too .. I try to work on £10 an hour for me sewing stuff but knitting/crochet is harder as I sit watching tv doing that so it doesn’t even feel like work x

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