Christmas crafting gifts

I am aware that we’re nearly at the end of March, but life has been a bit up in the air since January so I’m letting myself off the hook.

Here are the crafty gifts I got for Christmas 2022.

There were a few from my Mum, who is excellent at finding presents. I got a couple of amigurumi sets:


A box of fruit-themed yarn and patterns to go with it:


And a few yarn-adjacent presents:

I got a yarn swift from The Fiancé, which he let me have early so I could wind all the mini skeins for my advent socks. What a game-changer! I never want to wind another skein without it.

My cousin gave me this really cute origami pets book:


And my sister sent a voucher to put toward some sewing lessons. It’s for a course in Glasgow that I’d already looked up, but the cost was a bit too high for me to pay it all myself. They have options for one evening per week over several weeks or an intensive weekend for the same price, so I need to decide which would work best. Once I’m employed again.




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