WIP Wednesday 16.08.17

Current WIP count:10

I managed to untangle the massive yarn knot, hooray!

And I only had to take my scissors to it once when I realised that I’d somehow pulled the other end into the knot, so no matter which way I pulled I was always tightening it in one direction or the other.


I make no comment on whether this will be ready for Friday or not.

I’ve also been working on an idea I had a few weeks ago. You can’t tell yet, but it’s going to be a granny square basket!

It will just be a small thing even though I’m using chunky yarn. I imagine it being used as a little gift bag, for a candle maybe, or some chocolates.

And this is the star garland blocking away!


That’s all the progress I have for this week. What’s everyone else been working on? Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 16.08.17”

  1. I feel your pain of having to attack the knotted mess with scissors. It looks like you’re keeping yourself out of trouble, though! Or are you getting yourself into trouble? Ten WIPs. I’ll never do that again.

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    1. I’m afraid I don’t, they came as part of a sewing kit that was bought for me years and years ago. No idea if they’re rust-proof, they were just all I had on hand until I can order some from Amazon


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